Review: Venom Bonds to Conan the Barbarian in Savage Avengers #3

In this issue of Savage Avengers, The Punisher finally starts killing folks. I’m not sure why the evil mastermind’s plot involved moving the bodies of Frank’s family, nor am I certain that the comic will ever provide a justification, but that’s quite alright. This is a story of bloodshed and man things. A tale of high adventure.  Big panels of Frank Castle killing people with an M-16 in one hand and a katana in the other. I’m not even certain that that would work. 

He meets up with his old flame, Elektra, and the two go off to see if they can rescue Wolverine whose rapid healing ability is being abused by the evil wizard Kulan Gath to fill the entire bowl of blood her needs to summon the Great Old One from beyond space and time. The Conan shows up offering up the amulet that Kulan needs to finish his ritual if he will spare the lives of his newfound friends. Of course, he is an evil wizard, but then somethings. Something wonderful. 

Savage Avengers #3 combines Venom and Conan the Barbarian

Preston Poulter

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