Review: Tales from the Dark Multiverse: Infinite Crisis


Today we talk about my favorite of the five Dark Multiverse one shots, Infinite Crisis! Why is it my favorite? Because Infinite Crisis is one of my favorite event comics! 


This story is so damn good! We start off with the great news that Blue Beetle, Ted Kord, survived getting shot dead by Max Lord during the lead up to Infinite Crisis. But you already know things are going to go bad when Ted shoots Max instead!


From there Ted, while having the best of intentions, continues to try and prevent the events of Infinite Crisis…and succeeds! But this gets the attention of the true architects of the event, Alex Luthor and Superboy Prime.


How far is Ted willing to go? Will he make things better? Or worse? Well given how this is a Dark Multiverse story, what do you think?


If you ever find a copy of this book, get it!



Reviews from the Multiverse: Tales from the Dark Multiverse: Infinite Crisis

Robert Willing

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