Review: Robotech Set to Relaunch at the Conclusion of Event Horizon

It was announced at San Diego Comic Con that the conclusion of the Event Horizon miniseries for the Robotech comic will include a complete reboot of the series. In essence, all of the characters and story arcs are due for a complete scramble into a new Robotech omelet. This comic showcases what I presume to be the main characters of the rebooted series which include The Sterlings: Max, sworn enemy Miraya and their lovely daughter from the future, Dana; Karl Riber from Sentinels; the Rick Hunter, and the Lisa Hayes and Lynn Minmei love triangle. All set to make an appearance in the re-imagining of the series.
Robotech Event Horizon is written by Simon Furman and Brenden Fletcher, with art by Hendry Prasetya and Sarah Stone.
Robotech / Macross Set for complete reboot and scramble - My Review of Issue 23

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