Review: Samantha LaRusso Faces a Rival in Cobra Kai Season 2

Official Cobra Kai Season 2 Trailer: Two Dojos, One Fight


Season 2 of Youtube’s hit series ‘Cobra Kai’ continues the rivalry between Daniel LaRosso’s Miyagi-Do Karate School versus Johnny Lawrence’s Cobra Kai Dojo by introducing a new Cobra-Kai student, Tory. Tory starts dating Miguel, and becomes the arch-rival of Daniel’s daughter, Samantha LaRusso.


Tensions build slowly as the two rivals are coupled up, by when old feelings flare up and Miguel acts on his feelings for Samantha, Tory decides to escalate things. She acts on the “Strike First, Strike Hard, No Mercy” slogan as taught to her by Sensei John Kreese.


Season 2 provides many entertaining episodes that show the evolution of characters who study Karate from wall-flowers to leaders of their social circles. The two sides try to co-exist, but Sensei Kreese wants a war. Finally, in episode 10, things hit a boiling point.


Check out my full review and analysis in the video below!


Samantha LaRusso faces a new rival in Cobra Kai Season 2 - My Review

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