Review: John Constantine Returns to His Roots New Comic

For 300 issues, Hellblazer stood as one of DC’s most consistently acclaimed comic series, with many of the industry’s greatest talents telling the brutal and bizarre adventures of beloved antihero John Constantine.

Now, writer Simon Spurrier and artist Aaron Campbell team to bring Constantine back to his (very) mature readers roots with John Constantine: Hellblazer, a new series debuting this month as part of the Sandman Universe.






John Constantine: Hellblazer #1 is the closest a new series featuring the character has come to recapturing what made the original series work in quite some time. That function comes from both recognizing the tone and character that made the original click, and a willingness to update the setting and circumstances for a very different decade. In spite of antagonists that speak to nothing but a fascination with body horror, the issue still feels capable of dialoguing with the present moment in much the same way that its best iterations from the past have. There may be some life left in Constantine yet, and this debut suggests it’s likely the best bet any fans could make.



John Pallister

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