Review: Event Leviathan Features Mr. Bendis at His Most ‘Bendissy’

DC Comics is currently publishing a six issue miniseries entitled, “Event Leviathan.” The series is written by Brian Michael Bendis and features art by Alex Maleev of some of the most notable detective style heroes of the DC Universe (Batman, Green Arrow, The Question. These heroes are joined by Superman in their fight against the sinister agenda of a mysterious figure known only as ‘Leviathan’. The heroes suspect that Leviathan is actually one of the other heroes for some reason and the vast majority of the first three issues revolve around heroes standing around and accusing each other and sometimes fighting with each other.


In issue 1, Colonel Steve Trevor shoots Lois Lane as Batman watches in shock. Issue 3 dedicates 14 pages or so to a team of heroes fighting Red Hood. The whole pace of the story is rather frustrating because I, as the reader, know that these fights are not going to lead anywhere and that there are no real stakes involved. For instance, Lois Lane is not going to die, nor will Red Hood. Furthermore, we are getting very little to go on with this new villain. At one point he talks with Plastic Man before suddenly disappearing mysteriously. 


The close of issue 3 promises action as Superman is finally confronting Leviathan, but who knows? Maybe they will end up in some more exciting dialogue. Check out my full review below and leave a comment at the bottom of the page to let us know what you think of this series so far.


DC Comics Event Leviathan goes nowhere for the first three issues

Preston Poulter

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