Review: DC Knocks It Out Of the Park With John Carpenter’s Joker


We have had a lot of stories from year of the villain, one shots, and tie ins. Some better than others, but all them encompass the evil and the rogues galleries of our favorite superheroes.


When legendary director John Carpenter announced he was going to be writing Joker’s one shot for Year of the Villain I was beyond happy!! An amazing name in horror meets an amazing name in comics, what’s not to be excited about?


And thankfully, I was absolutely spot on with how well written this turned out to be. It was perfection with the title of Joker, a character that’s in a bit of a renaissance currently with the film breaking box office records. In my video below I review the comic in it’s entirety.


DC Comics | Joker by John Carpenter | Fantastic Mess!

Tristen Just

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