Review Captain Marvel #8: Destroying Danvers to Serve a Narrative


From the moment Carol returned to full-time Avengers duty, Captain Marvel’s life has been nonstop chaos. But she’s about to take on a brand-new, serious threat… the series’ writer!

Don’t you just hate when a writer destroys a characters past and makes entire runs of the previous comics mean nothing? It seems that Kelly Thompson does not care about the past or she is blatantly ignorant it.


A new character is introduced this issue, and she’s looking like a younger replacement for Carol. Take what you will from a recent interview / press release on

Said Thompson: “Star is this mysterious new hero that’s showing up in New York in our ‘Falling Star’ arc. She’s sort of ascending as Carol is suddenly struggling and ‘descending,’ and it creates a lot of weird parallels and insecurities for Carol.

“Normally this kind of thing wouldn’t phase Carol at all but in CAPTAIN MARVEL #8, she finds herself quite suddenly in a very low place, so seeing someone — a young blonde someone that sort of reminds her of herself, being perceived as her replacement — is hard to take in stride. It feels like one more hit when you don’t have many hits left to give.

“I expect and hope for Star to be around the Marvel Universe for a long time. I don’t want to say too much or give too much away for the upcoming story, but she’s got a ton of potential just waiting to be explored.”


So why does this new character named “Star” look so similar to Carol Danvers? Artist Carmen Carnero reveals a bit as to why Star looks like someone we already know:

“The idea for Star was that she should be like a younger version of Captain Marvel. Somebody for the public to empathize with and see as a new, better Super Hero. Regarding the look, we worked on it a lot—especially the colors that should be elemental to her design. Since her name is ‘Star,’ of course that element should be prominent on her uniform, but it shouldn’t look similar to Captain Marvel or Captain America. After many tests, we finally decided on a classic look—soft lines, bright colors, facemask to preserve her anonymity. The motif that I like most on the suit is how I could integrate the star as part of it, giving shape to her shoulders.

“I hope this character becomes a staple of the Marvel Universe, because Star has a lot of potential, and she’s going to give us really unique scenes with Carol.”


Oh brother. In my video below, I discuss this issue much further and show how we’re being subjected to the destruction of a character’s history in the service of forcing a narrative.


Captain Marvel #8 Marvel Is Destroying A Characters Past To Make A Story


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