Retrospective Review: DC’s New 52 Green Arrow Series

As a frugal fan of comics old and new, I sometimes like to look back at a comic series and give it a second chance, especially when I find it in the cheap bins at my local comic shop. 

Now let me first say that I’ve never been a fan of most of the New 52 from DC Comics, in fact you could say that I even hated it. From my perspective, most of the New 52 was a disservice to many of DC’s legacy characters, and I also found several of the stories to be poorly written at best.


However, with the Arrow show on The CW approaching its final season, I decided to give the New 52 Green Arrow comic book series a second chance. Will this version of Green Arrow stand the test of time? Watch and find out!


Captain Frugal

Captain Frugal

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