Retro Videogame Review: Spider-Man Shattered Dimensions (2010)

The friendly neighborhood Spider-Man has had many games published over the last few decades some of them were bad and some where good. Many people regard Spider-Man for the PS4 to be the best one to date, but does that mean that gamers should skip the hero’s previous games?


SPIDER-MAN: SHATTERED DIMENSIONS was one of Activision’s best comic book adaptations for multiple platforms to date (2010). Narrated by Spider-Man creator Stan Lee, the game’s story tells of a magical artifact being shattered by Spidey himself, which pulls at the fabric of time and space. In order to reverse the damage, the all-knowing Madame Web calls on four versions of Spider-Man, from four realities, to retrieve the four tablet fragments. As such, players will play as four different Spideys: the Amazing Spider-Man (the classic acrobatic and web-slinging hero); Spider-Man Noir (a darker, stealthier Spider-Man); Ultimate Spider-Man (the modern-day Spider-Man with the black Venom suit); and Spider-Man 2099 (in the future, with special vision and abilities).


In this video Captain Frugal reviews the decade old game from the past and shares his thoughts.


Spider-Man Shattered Dimensions Review - Does This Game Shatter Expectations?

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