Resident Evil Retrospective with Robert & Ingrid: 2010’s ‘Afterlife’


Continuing our Resident Evil Retrospective, Ingrid and I will be reviewing the fourth installment, which marked the return of Paul W.S. Anderson to the Directors chair for the foreseeable future with Resident Evil Afterlife! Continuing where Extinction left off, Alice leads an army of clones to attack Umbrella HQ in Tokyo! And Albert Wesker, in typical Wesker fashion, comes out on top as he blows up the HQ, taking out all the clones, AND removes Alice of her powers (for the most part) and gets away!


'Resident Evil: Afterlife' Trailer HD


Alice, deciding to head to the Alaska safe haven also set up in Extinction, arrives and finds that there’s nothing there… nothing except Claire who seems to be under partial mind control and suffers from Amnesia. The two eventually make it to LA where they meet up with a celebrity naked Luthor West (A major badass) and a bunch of cannon fodder. They find out the safe haven is a boat out the sea! ALSO, in their prison location, Chris Redfield is there!



Now this movie adds in elements from Resident Evil 4/5 like the Executioner creature and the Majini style creatures. They even emulate the fight with Wesker from Resident Evil 5 almost shot for shot! This movie felt like Anderson was trying to right the ship a bit, adding more game elements but still keeping a continuation of elements he left off. This was a surprisingly decent movie! The action is very well done and, like so many of the movies, the acting is pretty dang strong.



It was great for them to Nerf Alica’s powers and put the spotlight on Wesker! Ingrid and I both gave this film a pretty damn good rating. Check out our discussion on this film in the video below



At the Movies with Robert & Ingrid - Resident Evil Retrospective - Resident Evil: Afterlife

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