‘No Time to Die’ Provides a Satisfying End to Daniel Craig’s 007 Tenure


Daniel Craig’s fifth and final James Bond film, No Time To Die, is receiving rave reviews from critics. The film premiered at the Royal Albert Hall on Tuesday, following several delays prompted by the Covid pandemic. It was widely released in the UK on Thursday, September 30th.


Critics have been very kind. And surprisingly, the movie was not “woke,” because Lashana Lynch’s 007 agent is insufferable and Bond frequently has to save her. You might even say she is a “toxic feminist”. Ana de Armas is the stand-out and she is not in the movie enough, which is a shame since the film is quite a bit longer than it needs to be, but in the end I think it wrapped up nicely. That’s it for my pop review, so the rest of this reviews round-up is spoiler free.




First, the slobbering reviews:


In his five-star review of the film, Kevin Maher of The Times says: “It’s better than good. It’s magnificent.

“Craig is a towering charismatic presence from opening frame to closing shot, and he bows out in terrific, soulful, style.”

Raise a martini — it was worth the wait.” – John Nugent, Empire Magazine

Worth the wait… I enjoyed it tremendously as a James Bond fan.” – Chris Bumbray, JoBlo

No Time to Die exceeds all expectations.” – Travis Hopson, Punch Drunk Critics



Most critics were positive, some suggested the film did not quite justify its 163-minute running time.


In his five-star review, The Guardian’s Peter Bradshaw described the film as an “epic barnstormer” which delivers “pathos, action, drama, camp comedy, heartbreak, macabre horror, and outrageously silly old-fashioned action. It is of course a festival of absurdity and complication, a head-spinning world of giant plot mechanisms,” he said, but concluded the film as a whole is “very enjoyable and gleefully spectacular”.

“I never thought I’d wipe away a tear at the end of a James Bond movie, but No Time to Die fulfills its promise.” – Owen Gleiberman, Variety


Other critics praised it overall, but weren’t completely thrilled with the whole package.


“The film overcompensates to assure fans that James Bond is the ‘real 007.’” – Scott Mendelson, Forbes

No Time to Die [is] a movie with a plot so ridiculous it reaches Roger Moore-era absurdness.” – Mike Ryan, Uproxx


No Time To Die is the 25th installment in the Bond franchise, and marks Daniel Craig’s final appearance as British secret service agent 007.  It had originally been due to hit screens in April 2020 but it was delayed due to Covid restrictions. The film will finally be released globally on October 8. 


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