New ‘Doctor Who’ Gay Romance Episode Proves that Bob Iger is a Liar


Once considered a beloved children’s show on the BBC, Disney’s ‘Doctor Who’ just aired the title character’s first gay romance in the most recent episode, despite Disney CEO Bob Iger’s previous assurances to concerned investors that the studio would start to tone down identity politics themes, like transgenderism, wokeism, and gay storylines.


However, when Ncuti Gatwa, an openly homosexual actor, took over the character of The Doctor for the most recent season of the long-running British sci-fi show, most savvy viewers knew what was coming. Doctor Who is not a children’s show anymore, after the actor is shown gleefully enjoying a childishly gay romp with guest star Jonathan Groff in the latest episode.



The seventh episode of Gatwa’s time-skipping Doctor, titled “Rogue,” takes place in Bath, England, in 1813, where he follows shape-shifting aliens that steal people’s likenesses and lives. During this journey, the Doctor develops a sexual infatuation with a bounty hunter named “Rogue” while there. It’s pretty ridiculous.


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Although Deadline reports that the episode is “controversial,” admitting that many people were shocked, they focused on the fact that lots of articles were touting the episode as the first same sex kiss in its 60-year history and then smugly point out that back in the 2005 series led by Christopher Eccleston and Billie Piper, introduced the character of Jack Harkness played by John Barrowman. In that season’s finale, Harkness kisses Rose Tyler, then turns and kisses the Doctor before running off into danger. So I guess it’s not the first man on man kiss in Doctor Who after all… (facepalm)


In addition to the gay kiss, other scenes feature Rogue and The Doctor flirting, and a scene where they are ballroom dancing as 1813 era attendees look on in shock and disgust. This all eventually leads to Rogue presenting The Doctor with a ring as a marriage proposal. Not making this up, folks.


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Breitbart reports that after Disney became the “global home” of Doctor Who for viewers outside the U.K., this gay storyline comes only months after Disney’s CEO, Bob Iger, “promised to dial back the extreme wokeism that has been dogging Disney’s once unassailable reputation as the place for children and family entertainment.” This will have a detrimental impact on the already sliding ratings, since it’s been scientifically demonstrated in one well-known study that all viewers, not just “homophones,” but even self-proclaimed LGBTQ allies, experience stressful revulsion when looking at seeing two men kissing. Maybe they don’t really “trust the science” after all.


As Warner Todd Huston points out, Iger’s memo does not seem to have been relayed downstream to the company’s creatives with the first half of this season’s Doctor Who show prominently featuring transgender characters, drag queen villains, and gay romance. As expected, the ratings are appropriately abysmal






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