Movie Reviews from the Multiverse: Wonder Woman 84 (Spoilers)

Hey guys, sorry it’s been a while. I nearly reached burn-out there for a bit, but I’m back to making video reviews after watching Wonder Woman 1984 with my family this weekend during Christmas! And in a nutshell, I thought it was pretty good. NOT a masterpiece, and nowhere near as good as the first one, but definitely not a train wreck either!


Wonder Woman 1984 (2020) Extended Trailer | HBO Max


The very first thing that I want to make VERY clear is that this movie is NOT AT ALL full of TDS (Trump Derangement Syndrome) like some commenters have claimed! NOT AT ALL! It’s not full of intentional “men are pigs” feminist politics either. I know that will be a relief for many fans. The fact of the matter is that the villain, Max Lord, has ALWAYS been based on the 80’s version of Donald Trump! And that’s exactly the version of Donald Trump we get. The TV personality and ludicrously wealthy businessman! And (SPOILER) if this was loaded with TDS, I don’t think the producers would have shown Max Lord as not such a bad guy by the end of the story, once he realized what he was doing was wrong.


What feminist stuff that was included was done organically, and naturally as men turn their heads to check out Diana and Barbara. It’s how most any man would react, but especially in the 80s! There’s a moment in the beginning where we see a very 80’s workout going on and men are staring at the women doing aerobics, and  that’s reflective of how men reacted to scantily clad exercising women back then, so I don’t think there’s anything political about it.


Now that I got THOSE out of the way, here’s the main review.




Let me get to what I think the biggest problem this films has; unlike the first movie, this sequel is VERY predictable. It’s basically a Monkey’s Paw “Be Careful What You Wish For” type plot. And while that’s fine, and they do take things in some interesting directions, this story is still very predictable.


So what do I like about it? The cast is great! Gal Gadot once again kills it as Wonder Woman. Chris Pine gives a great return as Steve Trevor one last time. Kristin Wig really nails what they were going for with Barbara Minerva aka Cheetah. And Pedro Pascal was flat out AMAZING as Max Lord!



Despite the clichés, I think the film was well-written because a lot of the stuff makes sense if you pay attention. So keep in mind that if you lose focus, you’ll miss a lot! The action sequences were also very well done, with perfect set designs. The producers really nailed the 80’s ascetics and feel!


Another one of the big problems is the one and only fight with Cheetah at the end (there is a fight with Barbara earlier, but she’s human still) While the sequence was well done and all, it was the usual “big villain fight at the very end” type of situation that the DC films have become known for.


Still, overall, I recommend this to watch at least once. It may not demand multiple viewings, but you’ll still get fun out of it nonetheless.


Movie Reviews from the Multiverse: Wonder Woman 84 (Spoiler Review)

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