Movie Reviews from the Multiverse: Toy Story 4 (Spoilers!)

I have been a long time Toy Story fan. I actually saw the first one in the theater, so I know first hand how great these movies have been! I’ve also seen all of the TV specials, so I believe have a pretty good handle on what these films are about and I am a long time fan.

Now, it was described that only the first 25% of the original script of Toy Story 4 stayed intact, the remaining 75% were rewritten…and it shows BADLY! And GOOD LORD this movie was so bad! It took everything from the trilogy, Toy Story 3 especially, and just threw it out the window! I won’t spoil things in here, that’s what the video below is for, but believe me when I say this movie was a disservice! The amount of character derailment for Woody and Buzz is equal to Luke Skywalker in The Last Jedi! YEAH!


So see me and Ingrid just tear into this movie that we were both looking forward to seeing!



Movie Reviews from the Multiverse: Toy Story 4 (Spoiler Review)


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