Movie Review: Rambo: Last Blood (Spoiler-Heavy)

Sly Stallone is back for “possibly” his final romp as Vietnam veteran John Rambo in Rambo: Last Blood! Rather than trying to top the large spectacle that was Rambo (the prior movie, the first movie was simply First Blood) this movie instead takes a more Logan-style approach with the character.


After a young girl that was like a daughter to John is abducted by the Mexican cartel, John will stop at nothing to take them down! The war may be long over, but Rambo will bring the war home in spectacular fashion!


While not a masterpiece, if this was to be the finale of the franchise, Ingrid and I both feel it closes out the franchise on the somber, if very depressingly bittersweet, send off that John… doesn’t deserve, but is most likely to get.


Now to be fair, this movie will be divisive, I get it, and not just from the #CancelCulture, but moviegoers in general. The plot is very simple and the characters are mostly plot devices to move things along, however they’re all acted so well, that it makes up for it in my eyes.  I can see why others might take issues. So be forewarned, you could find issues that I myself was willing to ignore.


Still check it out and see Rambo’s possible swan song


Movie Reviews from the Multiverse: Rambo: Last Blood (Spoiler Review)

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