Men In Black International: No PC Bullshit, Just Fun

Men In Black International: The Sleeper Hit of The Summer


I have to start by saying Thank you to Listerine for Sponsoring tonight’s early screening of Men in Black International and for the free Listerine Ready Tabs, they really work. I might have a serious problem as I can’t stop eating the free samples they gave out in the theater. I’m also by myself right now and there is no one who can stop me. I’m not kidding, I have an addictive personality and am sensitive about my breath.



Before I get started with the review I want to touch a upon who I went to see the movie with, as I feel it lends a bit of credence to how smart and how much fun this film was. My bros & and I went to see Men In Black International, Gabriel & Alex only went to see it because it was free, Robbie always tags along, Ivan and I had been really excited and looking forward to seeing it since trailer one. We all loved the movie, and are in agreement that it is the better than the sequels, proper. I do say proper because International is more of a side story, which exists in but expands on the world of Men In Black.




If you watched Thor Ragnarok, really enjoyed the chemistry between Tessa Thompson and Chris Hemsworth, and wanted to see more of those two actors interacting with each other, you got your wish. They were fantastic throughout the entire film. There was even a little joke referencing their past films. Just a little one. Also, I think you will be very happy to know that there is no romantic side plot between them, which I’m glad for, because I feel as if it would have ruined the film. Tessa Thompson, I think has not just grown into her own skin, but also as an actress. Chris Hemsworth is absolutely outstanding, showing the full range of his acting ability. I truly feel as if they bring the best out of each other.



Men In Black International pays homage to the previous installments in some very fun and creative ways. Little details here and there that long time fans will pick up easily. One thing I liked is that the New York MIB Headquarters is literally the same building it’s always been. We also get to see a relative of a lost but not forgotten agent. The writing is excellent, there is nothing set up, that isn’t paid off at a later point. The humor, honestly I feel it’s the funniest of the four films. While the other three were largely dependent on Will Smith and his physicality to get laughs, International is just really clever and very whimsical. There is one scene in the film that answered a question that I am sure we’ve all asked at least once. If you read this and actually watch the film, you will know exactly which one it is. It happens really early on. The story is also really engaging. While some people, who frankly don’t know how to enjoy a movie, may be able to figure out the plot rather quickly, I found it too entertaining and too engaging to not let it take me on the journey it wanted to. I know I wasn’t alone because everyone in the auditorium just had a completely blast.



International has loads of great characters, both human and alien alike. I am particularly fond of mes frères; Laurent and Larry Nicolas Bourgeois who play the twin aliens in the film. The really brought a lot of their talents with them, and were allowed to showcase them beautifully. Because of International’s awesome soundtrack my buddy Robby and I were dancing right along with them, like the two dumb asses we are. I’m pretty sure we were not alone in doing so.





Kumail Nanjiani, I think I spelled that correctly, as Pawny. Oh my fucking god, he was awesome and just hilarious. I think Kumail may have found the role we was destined to play.



Riza played by Rebecca Ferguson, who I initially thought was Lucy Punch who played Esme Squalor in Netflix’s A Series of Unfortunate Event’s, they’re hot, and a handful, or more.




I want to go back to Tessa Thompson’s character Molly. Molly is a great and believable character , she really is. But had the director and the writing team gone in a different direction with her, she would have gone from being “Naturally Gifted” to just another unlikable Marry Sue. Molly is also lucky that she never ran into Agent J on the streets of New York, or he would have shot her right between her eyes. Only true fans of the films would get that joke. Moving on.



The cinematography and action sequences are beautiful. International has the same polish and style as the previous installments, but it throws in a little bit of Genuine Steam Punk, or at least aspects of it in the scenes with the Eiffel Tower. If you don’t think the Eiffel Tower is Steam Punk you really should read this awesome article which explores a bit of its history. International takes you to a lot of different locations in a literal blink of an eye, which honestly kind of pisses me off, because some of the science fiction elements of the film are things we could have actually had, had bureaucracy not gotten in the way. But that’s a tangent for another day. Just goes to show that, more often than not, the line between science fiction and reality is hair thin. But I digress.



If you are worried about there being some sort of PC bullshit inserted into International, with it having A STRONG FEMALE LEAD, there really isn’t. In fact, they actually kind of poke fun at the whole thing a tiny bit. International does not take its self too seriously, which I think was one of the problems the third film had. International is much more tonally consistent, and over all far more enjoyable. I kind of don’t want to get into any of the story elements as the film is story driven. A basic rundown is a smart and curious little girl named Molly encounters an alien arachnid and saves it from the Men In Black. The encounter sets her on a long life goal of finding out everything she can about the Men In Black and The Universe. Eventually all of her hard work and determination pay off and she is lead to an “Unauthorized Landing” and to MIB Headquarters where she is recruited as a probationary agent, and is set to investigate the UK branch of the MIB. Once in the UK branch she is quick to make friends with its top agent (Chris Hemsworth) and he brings her in on his latest mission. Anything else I can say A: you have probably seen in the trailer, and B I feel would enter into Spoiler territory, as Men In Black International really wastes no time getting into the action.


Men In Black International is the Fun Sleeper Hit of The Summer. It has a little something, something for everyone in the family. It’s Men In Black so it’s pretty kid friendly. None of the on screen deaths are nightmare inducing. The aliens for the most part range from, I want to pet it, ooohh shiny, that’s super cool, that’s pretty weird, to I’d fuck it. Hey, I’ve got to be honest here. I don’t care how many layers or prosthetic makeup or CG they are under, Viktorija Faith and Ania Sowinski are hot. Hell, they might be hotter with the makeup and CG. I’m Kidding, or am I. I think that’s enough from me. Men In Black International is fun and completely innocuous. I truly feel it’s worth watching in theater with friends and family. For a film that could have easily been a Literally No One Ever, or Hold My Beer, MEME, it’s pretty amazing, and that’s no joke. Till Next Time, remember what I always say. FUCK THE CRITICS.

Check it out at your cineplex this weekend!

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