Max & Miriya Duel Again in Titan’s Robotech: Lisa’s Report

I wanted to review the latest Robotech trade paper back, “Lisa’s Report” from Titan Comics. The story lines of this trade still follow the Macross story lines fairly closely and this book finds the SDF-1 returning to Earth after it’s long journey from Pluto after having accidentally space-folded there to escape the Zentradi.

One story element that has been changed is that Commander Gloval is dead and Lisa Hays is in charge. She has to confront her father who heads the Robotech Defense League and does not want the SDF-1 to return to Earth as it poses to great a security risk as it is the object of the Zentradi ambitions. Meanwhile, Miriya Zentradi ace pilot, enters her duel with Max Sterling. Some of the best story lines of the original season 1 of Robotech get explored in, “Lisa’s Report.”

Feel free to check out my full review below.

Titan Comics Robotech Graphic Novel Vol. 4, "Lisa's Report: features Max Sterling v. Miriya

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