Marvel’s House / Powers of X Series Argues for Mutant Ethnostate

House of X / Powers of X series presents a validation of the ideas that a people of similar ideology and genetic make up must first separate themselves from larger society and instead form their own government in control of their own territory. Furthermore, if one can look into the future and see that, in a millennium or so, the Ethnostate will collapse, then the member of this ethnic group must take actions against their the societies that represented their former homes in an effort to preserve their legacy as far into the future as possible. 



This kind of mind set has frightening implications and is one of the reasons people fear ethnic nationalist groups. The Moira X mechanism mentioned previously allowed the story to play through different storylines. In one, Moira X cures the condition of being a mutant, but the evil mutant brotherhood kills her. In other iterations, she tires other strategies such as joining with the X-Men or Apocalypse. Alas, in all interactions, the mutants meet their doom. 



The comic series House of X / Power of X focuses on the lifetime of Moira X whereby she convinces Professor X and Magento to join forces to set up the island nation of Krakoa, a mutant ethnostate. The mutants join forces and are able to disrupt all human attempts to curtail them. It seems that mutant kinds future destination is all but assured. 



And yet, it all ends in tears. Taken out 1000 years, we learn that eventually human kind masters the technology to alter and custom design their DNA. A mutant no longer has any meaning except for the working of randomness on a genetic code rather than planning. Once humanity has this technology, there can design powerful beings at will who are imbued with genetic abilities as well as technological wonders. This too spells the end of the mutant kind who are conquered and kept on a preserve until, eventually, the entire civilization of the planet becomes absorbed the The Phalanx, 



And so the series ends with the final life of Moira. She has seen the future. In all versions of her attempt to save mutant kind, the mutants cease to exist on a long enough timeline. This time around, the mutants have one final chance, which will be explored in Dawn of X



The series seems to avoid asking the question of what fundamentally separates the mutants from the humans. In one of Moira’s lives, she can cure the mutant condition but is stopped by mutants themselves. In another, humans are able to surpass their own genetic structure and can become as powerful as they wish. In both scenarios, the artificial distinction between humanity and mutant kind is erased, yet both times are considered a failure to preserve mutants. 



But what is worth preserving in either scenario? If mutants can join with humanity, or humanity becomes as powerful as mutants, why does there need to be a distinction and separation at all? What is being preserved but mutant culture and the mutant way of life. If that is the one distinction that must be spared, then what does that say to ethnic nationalists who say that they must observe their own nation state or have their way of life erased entirely? 



House / Powers of X Series Advocates for the Creation of an Ethnostate


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