Marvel’s Star Wars Doctor Aphra Series Tells Story With Real Stakes

I began reviewing the Star Wars comics on the market over the last few weeks and have discovered, to my dismay, that most are simply bad. Part of that might be general fatigue from the franchise. But, in part, all of these characters are all known entities who are immune to facing any real stakes over the course of the story.


For instance, the Target Vader storyline is a miniseries that explores a mercenary team out to kill Darth Vader. Without reading it, I already know that they will fail. I also know that we won’t learn anything new about Vader. This character’s canon was defined by the movies and her is merely on loan to make an appearance in the comic book. How very boring. 


Doctor Aphra is the exception. The stakes are real, the characters are vulnerable, and you the outcome is not a foregone conclusion. She exists in the gray area between the Rebellion and the Empire and avoids loyalty to either. She is not even a rebel sympathizer. She instead seeks her own gain, much like Han Solo was supposed to be (but failed) in the movie Solo



Dr. Aphra is the best Star Wars comic currently available

Preston Poulter

Preston Poulter

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