Marvel’s Avengers Game Still Has a Long Way to Go


We’ve waited nearly a year for the new Marvel’s Avengers Game to come out, and now it’s here. Released September 4 for the PS4, Xbox One, and PC, is this gorgeous Marvel reimagining by the studio behind Tomb Raider, Crystal Dynamics, in collaboration with publisher Square Enix. Originally, the game was set to come out in early August. But due to the negative backlash it received, because of things like Iron Man’s weird accent and the distinct lack of Kamala Khan in the trailers, the developers were forced to push back its release.

Still, it’s here now, and it looks nothing like we’ve ever imagined… for better and worse.

What to like

Before we nitpick, let’s talk about the things that people do like about the game so far. Marvel’s Avengers is a combination of a well-written, breathtakingly beautiful solo campaign and not-so-good multiplayer option (we’ll get into that later). The story is long and the graphics stayed close to the comics. You even start the game as Kamala Khan emulating your inner Avenger fan, so that’s a bonus.


Marvel's Avengers - Official Story Trailer


In the spirit of “no Avenger left behind,” the game also makes good use of everyone’s powers. For example, Captain America is good for melee, while the Black Widow is more for the agile players. We’ll admit that characters like Iron Man fell flat on some gameplay aspects. But overall, each character plays very uniquely, so it’s fun and refreshing.

What not to like

The game has a multiplayer option called “Avengers Initiative,” where you play several missions while collecting items, and it’s the part we, and other players, have huge issues with. The mode just feels repetitive. Unless you’re playing with friends, there’s absolutely nothing that pushes you to complete the objectives.

Another issue with the game in general is the crazy number of bugs. For example, there was one that caused PC players with an NVIDIA 10-series driver to crash whenever they used Alt-Tab or Alt-Enter to full screen/minimize the screen. There were even a couple of gameplay bugs that prevented certain characters from using their movesets, like being unable to throw rocks as The Hulk. Fortunately, most of these were fixed in the latest patch.

Still, “most” doesn’t mean all, and the developers left behind one nasty issue: the infinite loading screen. When players booted up the campaign from the main menu, the game would sometimes loop the loading screen infinitely. Little is known about it, but the bug may be caused by a propagation delay in the system – the time it takes for a signal to travel from source to destination. While a common find in the design of high-speed circuits, it’s also a problem in networks, causing latency distortions.



One workaround players found was to load the Avengers Initiative multiplayer mode, restart, and load the campaign again. However, Initiative has a lot of end of game spoilers in the first few seconds, so it’s a huge risk for those who haven’t played the campaign.

Final thoughts

All in all, players don’t appreciate being the unofficial “beta testers” of a buggy game, but forgetting about the issues for a bit, Marvel’s Avengers is still surprisingly good. From great gameplay to an even greater story, it’ll keep you occupied for hours. However, it needs to add more content as there’s nothing more to do after you finish the main story.


Hopefully, future updates come sooner than later.

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