Marvel Zombies Retrospective – Ultimate Fantastic Four #30-32

In this next meal of the Marvel Zombies retrospective, I’m looking at Ultimate Fantastic Four, issues 30-32. In this tale, we return back to the Frightful Four (the zombie version of the Fantastic Four that started all this) back in the Ultimate Universe, which unfortunately I feel is kind of wasted here. 


This whole arc wraps up a lot of plot points Mark Millar set up in his second run and it’s basically random events happening all at once that get resolved and yet still sort of get left hanging at the same time. The Frightful Four are just…there? Plus, they’re taken down way too easily (granted that’s kind of the point in the main book, but in this story it feels like they had a lot of build up that was all for nothing).


This is really more a side story taking them off the board for good than it is an actual Marvel Zombies story, but I wanted to include it in this retrospective because it has an obvious place. However, I felt like the ending made no sense in the grand scheme of things. In fact, Joshua Hale Fialkov had to just hand-wave it years later when he wrote FF: Strangest Ever (which was also pretty bad).


So do I recommend this? Only for either “Marvel Zombie Completionists”, or Ultimate Fantastic Four fans. Otherwise, it’s really not needed whatsoever, unless you just really want to know what happened to the ZF4! I go into more detail in my video below.


Marvel Zombies Retrospective: Ultimate Fantastic Four #30-32

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