Marvel Zombies Retrospective: Ultimate Fantastic Four #21-23

Hey guys, it’s October and I’ve decided to dedicate a number of episodes to the Marvel Zombies comics! I LOVE the Marvel Zombies and how balls to the walls insane they can be! I will be going in release order of these book and maybe include a surprise or two along the way.


For our first installment we’ll go to the beginning, where it all started (It’s as good of a place as any). Ultimate Fantastic Four! The start of Mark Milliar’s return to the title! What was teased as a crossover between the 616 Fantastic Four and the Ultimate F4 gets turned on its head when it’s revealed to be a lie to trick Ultimate Reed into opening a doorway into a world where Zombie Heroes have taken over!


This is a short story that introduces the Marvel Zombies concept and it does so with amazing efficiency…well except for Greg Land’s artwork but whatcha gonna do?


Come check it out!



Marvel Zombies Retrospective: Ultimate Fantastic Four #21-23

Robert Willing

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