Marvel Zombies Retrospective: Marvel Zombies 3

So after jumping to the future and sending the zombies to another universe, how can this franchise continue forward? By going backwards of course!


You see, Robert Kirkman did a good job making doing any future writing in the Marvel Zombies universe rather difficult…but Fred Van Lente found a way! Cause you see…Kirkman only IMPLIED that all the zombies on earth were wiped out in the first mini! But in the Army of Darkness crossover we saw other heroes who didn’t appear in the main book. Where did they go? Well Fred answers that but giving us a tale that, from the zombies universes perspective, is set between Marvel Zombies 1 and 2.


After an attack on a z-list State Initiative team, the Command, were mostly wiped out by an attempt on the zombies to enter the mainstream universe, SHIELDS Alternate Reality division Armor tasks Morbius to figure out a possible cure for future use. Needing an untainted blood sample, he sends Machine Man Aaron Stack and Jocasta into the Marvel Zombies universe to gather one…but this Morbius is turns out is from that universe trying to prepare the 616 universe for invasion!


Fred Van Lente really got the Marvel Zombies! He took what Kirkman set up and ran with it, keeping the zombies full of black comedy humor but giving us non zombies to root for and hope see through to the other side.


Marvel Zombies Retrospective: Marvel Zombies 3

Robert Willing

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