Marvel Zombies Retrospective: Black Panther Issues #28-30 (2007)

Now that we know what created the Marvel Zombies feast, what happened next? Well, before we go right in to the actual sequel to the Main Marvel Zombies mini series, I think we should take a slight detour on a little side story set right after the first one. We see the Galactus Zomibes…Galacti? Whatever. As they are feasting on the Skrull’s homeworld.



And it couldn’t happen at a worse time too. After Civil War, Black Panther and Storm took over for Reed and Sue Richards in the Fantastic Four and they, alongside the Human Torch and the Thing, are sent to the Marvel Zombies universe when the feast is happening!


How will they get out of this one? Will any Skrulls survive? Tune in and find out True Believers! I’ll cover the whole thing in my video below.



Marvel Zombies Retrospective: Black Panther #28-30

Robert Willing

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