Marvel Zombies Retrospective: Age of Ultron vs Marvel Zombies

It’s Halloween, and I have a two-fer for us all tonight, and thank goodness, otherwise this retrospective would end on a dud. While this is not the WORST of the Marvel Zombies books but this one…it fails on its premise so much! Unfortunately for you, I am a comics completist, so we’ve gone pretty much through everything. Stick around because in one hour, I am posting a great one next.


Much like yesterday’s work, this one puts more focus on a human character, this instance an alternate universe version of Hank Pym. And yes there are some Zombies vs Ultron fights but…halfway through they decide to team up and Ultron turns the zombies into Mecha Zombies! Yeah…huh?!?


The problem with this and yesterday’s battleworld Marvel Zombies books is the creators involved clearly didn’t “get” the Marvel Zombies at all. They scratched the surfaces but these things were no better than expendable monsters whom you never cared what happened. And unlike Fred Van Lente, the who gave us interesting characters along side what was going on (The same can be said for Supreme and Destroy as well) here…the characters are just not interesting and, in the end, since these were all alternate universe versions of characters that we never see again…entirely pointless.


Marvel Zombies Retrospective: Age of Ultron vs Marvel Zombies

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