March of Deathstroke Part 8: Deathstroke Meets Yogi Bear

As we continuing my March of Deathstroke, today will be a nice little done in one retrospect with Slade teaming up with Jellystone’s most well-known protagonist picnic thief – Yogi Bear! Why? To rescue his good buddy Boo-Boo of course!



This was made in the second batch of DC’s Hanna-Barbera crossovers and this one was really interesting. Frank Tieri really captures both characters voices and Mark Texeira draws Yogi both like a real Grizzly Bear, yet still keeps his characteristics. I guess a hat and tie really does sell it!


It’s a nice short simple story as Slade and Yogi find out someone is turning all the Jellystone animals feral! And they need to stop it! Granted Slade doesn’t do it for free, but Yogi promises to give the merc everything he has…which if you know Yogi you can guess what it is!



Oh, and this book asks a very good question. Who the hell eats liverwurst anymore?


March of Deathstroke Part 8: Deathstroke/Yogi Bear

Robert Willing

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