March of Deathstroke Part 5: DCYou’s Tony Daniel Slade Run


Continuing with my March of Deathstroke, tonight we’re gonna talk about the second arc of Tony Daniel’s run; The God Killer! Slade has been tasked by Hephaestus himself to take out a powerful god before he can be released and is given the titular sword. Unfortunately, the sword speaks to Slade and tricks him into releasing the god instead. Now, he and Wonder Woman have to team up to stop this god before it can destroy the world!


With writer James Bonny this arc feels a lot tighter than the last one, but still feels decompressed enough to give Tony Daniel more cool stuff to draw. Near the end of this arc, Daniel leaves and is replaced by Tyler Kirkham for the rest of the series. This arc carries on the intense action, but it’s also still more of the same from the prior arc. If it wasn’t for the God Killer blade returning in Wonder Woman for Year of the Villain, then I feel like this entire run would have been superfluous.


That being said, it’s still recommended if you want some very cool action and enjoy great art. Check it out.


March of Deathstroke, Part 5: The DCYou’s Tony Daniel Run on Slade

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