March of Deathstroke Part 10: Christopher Priest’s Justice League


Concluding my two part Justice League detour through the ‘March of Deathstroke’ retrospective reviews, we get resolution to The Fan AND bring Deathstroke into the book! But Why, you may be asking, did I do this detour besides Priest writing Deathstroke? I mean doesn’t that sound like a stretch? Well yeah it would. But it’s not JUST those two factors. Priest ties this in to another character from that run. Matthew Bland aka The Red Lion aka DC’s Villainous Black Panther written by the man who redefined T’Challa.



Okay so what happens here? Well first things continue to escalate for the heroes in terms of both public perception and disagreements over complicated political issues. At the same time, The Fans attack the Watchtower and cause it to crash, landing in Africa!


The Red Lion takes advantage of this as he does everything he can to get the worlds attention to focus on the league while he plans on whipping out inbound warlords who are converging on the Watchtower debris. And Slade was hired to try and keep things safe.



But Slade doesn’t like this arrangement so he plans with Cyborg a way to honor the contract and resolve the situation without any blood shed. Oh and Slade kills the fan so that problem is resolved too!


Yeah the ending is rush but the Red Lion and Deathstroke do fit well and the stuff with the league is resolved. Cyborg especially makes a good speech about how there is a difference between stopping a bank robbery and stopping human nature. There are just some issues too big for even the league to just punch away.



Overall this story was good, made great points without compromising the heroes. The only downside is it feels like the run should have been a bit longer to resolve a few of the other plot points better but it wasn’t THAT truncated that it felt unsatisfying.


March of Deathstroke Part 10: Christopher Priest's Justice League

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