Mags Visaggio’s Doctor Mirage Fails to Materialize a Cohesive Story


Valiant Comics latest title, Doctor Mirage, centers around a ghost main character who cannot interact with the material world. The first story that came to mind was the Sixth Sense, from which writer Mags Visaggio borrows heavily from. As written, the comic fails to find a coherent center, spending many needless panels resolving an explosion while the interpersonal drama which should fuel the storyline goes neglected. 



Doctor Mirage seeks to develop a bridge to its reader over the main character’s inability to be effective, but ultimately, Visaggio should have explained to readers why we should care about whether this character was ever alive before dropping on us that she (or he?) is dead. I get into the details of the comic, and my analysis of where it went wrong in the video below. 


Dr. Mirage borrows a bit from The Sixth Sense

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Preston Poulter

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