Long Kiss Goodnight (1996) an Action Comedy Worthy of ‘Cult Classic’ Status



One of the funniest action comedies in years , and also one of the most overlooked, The Long Kiss Goodnight is well overdue elevation to the ranks of Cult Classics.


Charly/Samantha (Geena Davis) “Easy, sport. I got myself outta Beirut once, I think I can get outta New Jersey.”
Mitch (Samuel L. Jackson) “Yeah? Well, don’t be so sure. Others have tried and failed. The entire population, in fact.”


The Long Kiss Goodnight - Trailer


It’s neglect is maybe due to the fact that it was directed by Renny Harlin, who had blotted his copy book with the mega-flop Cutthroat Island* the previous year, and that it once again starred his then wife Geena Davis. But he does a good job on LKG – and doesn’t get in the way of a very funny script courtesy of our old friend Shane Black.


There are almost too many great lines in the movie, which makes it terrific for drinking games etc.


For example:

Long Kiss Goodnight Dog Scene

The Long Kiss Goodnight - Car Scene


What about the plot you ask? Geena Davis plays an amnesiac hitwoman living quietly in the burbs who gets her memory back – and then shit really kicks off.


A great cast – Davis, Samuel L Jackson and Brian ‘Succession‘ Cox, plus an on-form Craig Bierko, David Morse and the UK’s own Patrick Malahide (who also appeared in Harlin’s Cutthroat debacle), fondly known to many British viewers as the permanently irked DS Chisholm in Minder (as well as the mopey old Balon Greyjoy in GoT)



(Samuel L. Jackson) “And what about your daughter, what’s her name — Cathead?”

(Geena Davis)”Caitlin.”



Geena Davis and Samuel L. Jackson prove they’re game in this movie, as they trade quips in the breaks between special effects sequences. And the action is what we expect: sensational, violent and loud. Watch it now.



FUN FACT: *Years ago I was told the ‘real’ reason that Oliver Reed was sacked from the picture by star Matthew Modine (who himself replaced Michael Douglas as the male lead, the roguish William Shaw), but it’s way too obscene to recount here.


Very funny though.


(Samuel L. Jackson to Larry King): “I’m always frank and earnest with women.

Uh, in New York I’m Frank, and Chicago I’m Ernest.”

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