Little Bird #3 Gives the Heroes a Grim & Grizzly Fate

Image Comics’ Little Bird #3, goes in a very dark direction for what has proven to be a dark and rather bizarre storyline. In the first two issues (I reviewed issue #2 here), we see a dystopic future where a Christian fascist regime of the United States (and whatever allies they have) has taken control over what seems to be much of the world. This dark authoritarian future is run by one man, The Bishop who engages in bio-engineering to meet his sadistic desires. 


Two figures emerge to stand against this tyranny: The Axe and Little Bird. Both share the ability to regenerate that seems to have been gifted on them from The Bishops’s dark experiments. But this issue, it all goes to hell. By the end of it, evil has triumphed and good has no hope of being redeemed. I’m sure issue 4 will say otherwise, but it’s hard to imagine how evil could fail after the events of this comic unless they prove to be utter morons from this point forward. 


With compelling writing from Darcy Van Poelgeest, and very interesting artwork from Ian Bertram, I think this five issue limited series is worth picking up. Check out my video below for further discussion and a brief recap of the story so far.


Image Comics Little Bird #3: Looking pretty grim


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Preston Poulter

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