Killing Zoe (1994): ‘I’m Going to Show You the REAL Paris’



It’s easy to dismiss Killing Zoe as a Tarantino wannabe, especially given the presence of his one-time collaborator Roger Avary as writer/director.  But…that would be wrong, at least in part, as although there are Tarantino-esque echoes, the movie has its own unique style, including the use of the then new Otto Nemenz Swing & Tilt lenses, employed for perspective distortion during the heroin scenes.


Killing Zoe has a special vibe for me, as I saw the picture on its release in a fleapit cinema in the Left Bank of Paris, so I have fond memories of the time and place.


Killing Zoe 1993 Trailer HD | Eric Stoltz | Julie Delpy


The story? Eric Stoltz’s American safe-cracker Zed flies to Paris to meet his old friend Eric (Jean-Hugues Anglade) to undertake a bank heist on Bastille Day. The trouble being that Eric and his gang are a bunch of junkie psychos.


Before the job Eric hires call girl Zoe (Julie Delpy) for a brief hotel visit and then proceeds to party the night away with the crew. One of whom (a Brit named Oliver, played by Gary Kemp) has a particular passion for Viking movies:


So Eric tells me you like Viking films. Viking movies.

Yeah… I guess.vEric Stoltz

I love that stuff. Those helmets with the f***ing horns on!


Check out the picture. I think it’s worth a look.

FULL MOVIE (Vikings – 33:00 in)

Oh, and a pulsing score by duo tomandandy (47 Meters Down/The Covenant).


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