Kate Kane’s Foolishness Spawns Comedic Interpretation of Batwoman

While many reviewers seem to have The CW’s Batwoman series, I found a way to enjoy the experience. What if you just accept that the character of Kate Kane is dumb as a box of rocks? She lacks the self-awareness to understand this fact and, empowered by modern notions of Feminism, she challenges anyone who would question her will as simply mansplaining?


All the sudden, the show becomes a fantastic comedy, which can be seen in the most recent episode, “Who Are You?” The character makes a series of horrible decisions such as:


  • Blaming her inability to catch the Batrang as somehow the fault of the weapon  
  • Inviting her girlfriend to the place where she is supposed to ambush the villain so that she can get some quality time in while the villain sneaks into positons
  • Throwing her Batrang at a little girl to knock a pearl sized bomb out of her fingers.


The thought of missing never seems to cross her mind. If we take the show at face value, the “Strong woman does it her way” motif is tired and boring. But the Kate Kane is just too stupid to give a damn provides an evening’s entertainment.


Batwoman's Kate Kane is a Feminist Dude Bro

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Preston Poulter

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