Justice League & Teen Titans 100 Page Giants: Reviews

The fourth installments of DC Comics 100 Page Comic Giant titles hit Walmart stores late last month. In fact, they didn’t hit the Walmarts in my area until November 1st. The placement and inconsistency of the release dates and quality is a mystery. DC announced the series as a means to bring new readers to DC Comics, Yet the titles remain hidden in Walmart’s collector aisles, a section frequented only by those already seeking genre entertainment. New issues show up at random. And the original stories in each issue range from the carefully crafted to the barely phoned-in. I have to wonder how long the series will last. As long as it does, I’ll continue to point out which stories are worth your time. On that note, see below for my review of the Justice League and Teen Titans 100 Page Comic Giants #4.

Michael Critzer

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