Justice League #59 Review: Can Bendis Write A Good Team Comic?


Brian Michael Bendis has had many ups and downs in his writing and people are very polarized on his work. Bendis has recently been known to tarnish the Superman legacy with terrible characterization and destroying a loved character, before that he did not do Marvel any favors either. After writing several flops can Bendis return to glory and write a Justice League title that people will enjoy or will it be another character assassination with poor dialog book that spits in the face of past continuity in order to force a story that no one wants or cares for (wait did he take notes from Slott)? This issue is the start of a new story arc will it rise and bring justice to the Justice League name or will it seem like a plot written by the Legion of Doom to destroy our heroes?


Let’s get into this.


Justice League #59 Review- Can Bendis Write A Good Team Comic?

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