Joker: Robert & Ingrid’s Spoiler Filled Movie Review

It’s movie time with me and my friend Ingrid once again. We just saw Joker this weekend, and…GOOD LORD it was amazing! We loved it! This may be our first 10 out of 10 comic book related movie!


In a word, this movie is incredible! The acting is fantastic, the writing is perfect, the cinematography is beautiful! So much of this film was memorable! But the big question I had was did this Joker movie do the character justice?


Well… ‘yes’ and ‘no’. It definitely fits one interpretation of Joker, but the movie could also work without the Batman connections too and not lose any of it’s high marks.


What we see here is the downward spiral of a man with severe mental illness living in a society that ignores him at best, and just outright dumps on him at worse! And as things begin to deteriorate for him, the wrong crowd start to indirectly look up to him as a symbol and this gives him the recognition that he’s always wanted. The movie ponders how this will turn out for the character and, well… given the character this is film is about…what do you think?


So come and see me and Ingrid gush about the movies, but be forewarned, spoilers are abound


Movie Reviews from the Multiverse: Joker (Spoiler Review)

Robert Willing

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