Is Marvel’s ‘Conan’ Bringing Masculinity Back to Comics?

Well, I don’t normally like to read Marvel Comics these days, but I decided to give the new Conan the Barbarian a chance and I have to say, I was decently surprised by this comic.

I half came into this thinking Conan would act like a pansy or beaten down boy, being pushed to the side in his own book, being portrayed as a “mitch” in his own book.

BUT I was absolutely wrong.

This book has a great start with great action and great art.

Just one example of Conan kicking ass!

This comic takes us through the life of Conan setting up the book for possible story lines. I wont spoil anything at all here, but we get a few surprises and of course we get to see him being treated like a man should be treated!

Man, what dude wouldn’t want this?

In the end, I would highly recommend picking this book up and seeing where it goes.

Is it only a matter of time before Marvel gives it “the treatment”? I certainly hope not, because I miss the days of when you think of Conan as the brutal strong ’80s stereotype of Arnold running around killing bad guys and laying women when he wanted!

Man, I miss the ’80s!

Vince The Evil DM

Raised in the '80s and enjoys all RPGs, DC Comics and movies that don't push agendas. The Evil DM is an Ennie Award winning writer that has over 25 years of experience in tabletop gaming, is the host of various RPG Podcasts, including Roll for Initiative and Roll High or Die! He also has his own youtube channel where he hosts gaming advice for the OSR Movement.