Is Heroes in Crisis #9 Tom King’s Redemption?!?

DC’s latest event series is finally coming to an end, with the finale in Heroes in Crisis #9 hitting shelves this week. Originally when the series started, I really enjoyed it. It didn’t take long for me to realize the mistakes, and the issues within the series. Wally West first and foremost, being made into a villain in issue #8, and trying to frame Harley Quinn and Booster Gold for the murders, but the issue delves deeper than that.

Really it just sort of ends on a whimper instead of a bang—a whimper that lacks any sort of closure. So, I tried to look at it through a fresh perspective. I tried to understand just exactly what was going through not only in Tom King’s mind, but DC Comics in general. I am really tired of the 9-panel grid… who’s with me?


In my video below, I break down just exactly what we see in the finale, and why I think it may turn out to be the best of a bad situation. 


DC Comics | Heroes in Crisis #9 Finale | Tom King's Redemption?!?

Tristen Just

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