Indie Comics Review: Jawbreakers: G0D-K1NG (Spoilers)


Continuing from my previous indie comic video review, we are now going over the newest IGG book from Richard Meyer (aka Ya Boi Zach) as we wrap up the G0D-K1NG arc, as well as tell some new tales, in Jawbreakers: G0D-K1NG!


In the main story, with artwork by Aaron Alfeche, we see the remaining Jawbreakers make their way to G0D-K1NG! Answers are given, more questions are raised, and loyalties are tested! Will they take the tyrant down? And who will survive?


Afterwards, we get a story set between Lost Souls and G0D-K1NG where we find out the fate of Xaxi from the former story as she is brought back to life! It’s a nice sweet story with artwork by Charlie Snogans


Our third story tells the origins of Devil Dog written by Chuck Dixon with artwork by Alfeche! It’s a more grounded story as we find out what kind of man Devil Dog used to be and how he got to where he was before he joined the Jawbreakers! It’s a nice fun story.


Lastly it’s an unrelated bonus story written by Chuck Dixon with artwork by Renzo Rodriguez that introduces an interested sci-fi story that’s set to debut next year.


Overall this was a fun package that made Lost Souls feel more complete! I recommend both of these books together if you can ever get your hands on them! Check out my video review below.



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