Indie Comics Review: Heroineburgh #2 “Let The Women Fight!”

Heroineburgh was developed with a lifelong enjoyment of comic books in mind, superheroes, and science-fiction, and jump-started by recent interest in TV shows, movies, and new comics featuring brilliantly portrayed superheroines. The producers were also inspired by a stage production called Pittsburgh Batman, which re-imagined the Gotham mythos steeped in hilarious Pittsburgh “yinzerism,” but didn’t have any prominent female characters.


These influences combined to set these creators on a course to create something that had never been done: a superhero action series featuring all female protagonists, set not in an imaginary city, but in their real hometown with all of its colorful locations and vibrant neighborhoods. You can watch episodes here. They’ve also got a series of comics and Captain Frugal has decided to review them.


Take a trip to a nearby place and watch the female superheroes fight the supervillains in the streets. If this interests you you may want to take a trip to Heroineburgh. In this video Captain Frugal reviews the second issue of the female fighting forces. Captain Frugal discusses why this female centric comic prevails where DC and Marvel often fail.



Heroineburgh #2 Review - Let The Women Fight


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