Indie Comics Review: Everglade Angels (With Spoilers)

Hey guys! Well another crowdfunded book review as today I’m going to go over Everglade Angels by Blake Northcott and Scott Lobdell with artwork by Roc Upchurch.



Who are the Everglade Angels? Well, it’s actually the name of a small town girls baseball team who are pretty good, if not for a few faults that each member has. After technically winning a game (if you call causing the other team to fight, leading to a win by default, an actual win) the girls embark on a drive by themselves to the championship game in Miami, Florida.




Once there, the girls are pointed in the direction of a rave at some house in the middle of the swamp lands. Wanting one last moment of fun time before they go their separate ways when the season ends, they decide to go. Only to end up having one of their team members get captured by a bunch of gas mask wearing cult members!



But not all is at it seems, as they discover that a sports drink one of the team members had been pushing on them gives them incredible strength! What is with the drink, how does it connect to what’s going on?



Bottom line? This book is such a great done in one story! Blake and Scott really outdid themselves, and Roc’s artwork is very, very good! Each of the girls is very distinct and you can easily follow what’s going on. So, if you want to know how it ends? Either buy the book, or check out my video below!



Reviews From the Multiverse: Everglade Angels (Spoiler Review)

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