Indie Comics Review: Catching Up On All These Crowdfund Comics!

I’ve gathered a backlog of crowdfunded indie comics lately. Time to go through the stack and get some reading done! Some I don’t have much to say about, but there are others that are so big that I think I’d rather just do a short talk about anyway. So I want to go over several of them in this post. They’re all worth a read.



First I got the two Cyberfrog: Unfrogettable Tales issues. These basically remaster Ethan Van Sciver’s first two published works of his own creation Cyberfrog. I thought they were quite good, but I also sort of felt the coloring was a little off. Could be because of Ethan’s heavier inks, I’m not sure. It wasn’t bad, but just felt a bit off. Overall, very enjoyable.



Next was Juanpool by Mistah Mahvel. This comic is a fun satire featuring a character named Juan, who is a very large, very gay fat guy who causes the internet to crash after a trigger event where he talked about his favorite heroine, Badger Babe… only the whole world thinks she’s Badger Bitch! Being made unperson-ed, he gains super powers and has to use them to find what happened to Badger Babe. This was fun, well-drawn and well written comic! Can’t wait for the third issue.



PanDEMic & Do As You’re Told: The Ballad of No. These two books by Richard (Ya Boi Zack) Meyer with artwork by Renzo Rodriguez and Kelsey Shannon and I am sorry to report that both of these were disappointments. The problem was that they were too short, and it felt like they were rushed out to make them timely. While I applaud Zack for getting them out, and I’m interested in the upcoming third book, but PanDEMic ended just as it was getting good, and the Ballad of No made very little sense to me. The political jokes were all a bit cringe. I didn’t hate them, but compared to Meyer’s other work, these felt subpar.



Punchline by Bill Williams and Matthew Weldon is a GREAT title which is about a new hero named Punchline who has to learn how to be a hero while her mentor/predecessor has her own demons to deal with! This is very well drawn and written! Highly recommended.



Flying Fortress by Eric Weathers and Andy Moore was a bit rough, mostly due to  the artwork. Eric himself has openly admitted that the majority of his artwork in this book is indeed rough, but I think it gets better near the end. The writing is quite clever and I think that all of the ideas are good. It’s just a tad bit long, but still fun.



Shi, Return of the Warrior, by Billy Tucci was very good! Readers get a both real world and in-universe return to Shi as she’s become a single mother and her arch enemy has also returned! The writing and artwork are amazing! The only problem? The book ends on a cliffhanger! Billy!



Lastly is MAGAnificent 7 by Mike S. Miller. This is a fun, well-done political parody telling the story of a bunch of conservative celebrities who become superheroes to protect America and President Trump from far-left ideologues! This is political parody done right!


Overall these books all ranges from Pretty Good to Great! All of them are worth your time. I got way behind and wanted to catch up on all of these, but I’ll be doing full reviews on some more crowdfund books very soon. 


Crowdfunded Comic Review: Crowdfunded Review Catch Up!

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