Indie Comics Review: Black Hops: U.S.A.*G.I. (Vol 1) Buns of the Patriot


Continuing my Crowdfunded comics reviews, I’m going to be going back to Tim Lim and Mark Pellegrini with one of their earlier works! Black Hops! Now the first volume (collecting the first two issue mini) was not crowdfunded, but the second volume was!



Focusing on U.S.A.*G.I. (Get it! Usagi! Japanese for Rabbit! LOL) a cute adorable little rabbit that, due to surviving Hiroshima, gained halted/slowed aging and very large intellect! Trained by the US Military, U.S.A.*G.I. became one of the deadliest little balls of adorable ever!



This first volume gives us his origin and has come “Come out of retirement” for a new mission as he’s sent to North Korea to prevent a missile being sent to Hawaii! He’ll fight through Soldiers and even fight off a strange snake-Cat! This is an incredible, even very simple, first outing for this killer rabbit!



The writing and artwork is top notch, but what else would you expect from this creative team! This is the only time we see Tim Lim draw U.S.A.*G.I. as a more realistic rabbit and it really sells the absurdity of it all! Which makes everything so much better!


Comic Reviews: Black Hops: U.S.A.*G.I. - Vol 1 - Buns of the Patriot

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