Indie Comic Review: Gilbert Deltrez Delivers the Goods in ‘Lair’


Gilbert Deltrez, who identifies himself as a member of the #Comicsgate consumer and creator movement, brings us this fascinating story of heaven and hell at war in his new comic ‘Lair’. We featured this book last October in our Indie Comics Showcase and it was successfully funded in December. The main character, Angelo finds himself on a subway car in hell and has to figure out how to not lose his soul in the process. His relationship with Anastasia, his wife, has had some trouble in the past. As we get to know the characters and their dynamics, we follow Angelo as he rides on a subway car along with a pair of peculiar female passengers, where eventually he ends up on a hellscape populated by demons. 


Throughout the narrative, in the midst of these battles between good and evil, the main struggle is over Angelo’s soul as it becomes a battle of faith, for one can not escape hell by means of hot lead alone. And I have to say that the art style really delivers. Gilbert’s creativity shines through on every page.  Check out my extensive review below and see how the artwork in this book came together here.




Gilbert Deltrez delivers in Lair - My Review

Preston Poulter

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