Indie Comic Review: Battle Maiden Knuckle Bomb #1 Breaks Heads & Hearts!

In this video Captain Frugal steps out of his comfort zone to try something a bit different. Taking a step into the world of Manga inspired comics Captain Frugal dives head first into a Battle Maiden Knuckle Bomb, which was originally featured on Bleeding Fool several months ago when it was a crowdfunding project!


Battle Maiden Knuckle Bomb is a feisty but compassionate brawler-type superheroine, created by Keung Lee that can take the hits just as well as she can lay the smack down! BMKB #1 is an OEL manga, black and white, 64-page comic book featuring the first two chapters of a prospective ongoing series.


Will his face shatter among the awesomeness of the comic or will he frown in disappointment? Check out this review and see for yourself.


Battle Maiden Knuckle Bomb #1 Review - Breaking Heads And Hearts-Keung Lee rocks it!


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