Ignited #3 Finds Students Playing Hooky From the Plot

Issue #3 of Ignited opens on an tense police stand off scene where we were at the end of issue #2.


Well, almost.


First we have to flash-forward two months to see one of our heroes breaking into a gun store to destroy all the guns. This flash forward event has absolutely no bearing on the plot. Not even sure why it’s there. When we finally flash back, we see a team of super powered teenagers being held at gun point by average cops. As you might expect, the super heroes are able to get away from the cops without too much trouble. 


Next they sneak into the nearby forest to play hooky. The lush green forest complete with a stream running through it seems like no part of Phoenix, Arizona that I’ve ever seen. The plot then seems largely lost as the kids share their super hero origin stories. To build some tension, it is revealed at the end that a bunch of dumb white people with guns are planning to march… somewhere.


Ignited #3 was written by Mark Waid and Kwanza Osajyefo and drawn by artist Phil Briones.


Ignited #3 features students ditching school for the lush forests of Phoenix

Preston Poulter

Preston Poulter

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