High School Musical: The Musical: The Wokest Disney+ Series (So Far)

Disney Plus has finally debuted and with it comes several original offerings. One of those is High School Musical: The Musical: The Series. Unfortunately, this version is a massive step down from its previous incarnation thanks to the addition of several woke characters and on the nose progressive plot lines.


In a recent review, media critic Warner Todd Huston outlined all the gender and identity politics this show managed to squeeze in it’s short run time.


In the first ten minutes, one of the first woke characters is introduced in the new series when viewers meet Nini’s friend, Kourtney (Dara Reneé), who encourages the show’s star to dump Ricky. Kourtney is portrayed as a sassy black teen who is a self-professed “feminist.” Kourtney also proceeds to tout “intersectional values” and the importance of dismantling the “patriarchy.”

Two gay characters are also introduced — or at least two prototypical effeminate school drama class characters are seen, anyway. One such character is the school’s drama class choreographer Carlos (Frankie Rodriguez), who is so excited for the stage show because he has seen the movie “37 times.”

Even more to the progressive plot is Seb (Joe Serafini), a teenage boy who decides to audition for a girl’s role because it would be “so fresh” to do. The Daily Beast celebrated the transgender character as a “queer-positive joke and message.

Series creator Tim Federle complimented the new generation’s wokeness and explained away his need to pump the series full of progressive ideals citing the bravery of the “Parkland Generation” and teen climate high priestess Greta Thunberg.

“I don’t think it’s that much of a reach, in that we are living in the Parkland generation – and thank goodness we are,” Federle told The Daily Beast. “I think Greta Thunberg is rewriting the rule book on climate change because she’s certainly not seeing the grown-ups do it. And I think that if there’s any statement I’m trying to make with the show, it’s that you should always count on the theater kids, which is really a proxy for anyone who feels disenfranchised individually. But when you group up together, you can sort of David-versus-Goliath the whole world, one stage at a time.”


It’s a good thing this show isn’t going to have to compete for viewers on their $5.99 subscription model, but go woke, get broke is still in play here. While Disney+’s The Mandalorian is off to a good start, some of our contributors are convinced it’s going to be woke also, based on the politics of the cast. I doubt the politics will be as on the nose as this show.


I’m still not subscribed. Not ever going to be.

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