Heroes In Crisis #8 Review

Let me start this off by saying I am a huge fan of murder mystery stories. I say this so that you’ll properly understand my immense disappointment in the absolutely abysmal event that is Heroes in Crisis. This event combines superheroes and mysteries two of my favorite genres in the world and I still could not careless about the events of this story. This story also continues the absurd notion that the character Harley Quinn is a hero …she’s not. Like most books written by Tom King this event is 80% about people being depressed and sad, and the latest issue is no different.

Heroes in Crisis is set around a place called Sanctuary, an ultra-secret hospital for superheroes who’ve been traumatized by crime-fighting and cosmic combat. But something went wrong when many patients wound up dead, and the two prime suspects were Harley Quinn and Booster Gold. In the last issue we discovered that Wally West was the killer, in this issue we get King’s piss poor explanation of the previous events. While he was in Sanctuary, Wally was sad and depressed, the staff at Sanctuary told him that he wasn’t alone in feeling like that …Wally didn’t believe them. King literally had to turn Wally into an idiot to justify his story. A man as smart as Wally should know at least on a logical level that others go through this too.

Since he didn’t believe that he wasn’t alone, Wally decides to break everyone’s privacy and meticulously piece together the video data of everyone else’s therapy sessions to see if he was really the only one at Sanctuary. After realizing that other people had problems too he ran out the house and started freaking out like a teenage girl. When the other’s came over to try to see if he was okay, Wally totally lost his shit and unleashed a massive blast of Speed Force energy killing everyone. When he realized that Booster Gold and Harley Quinn were the only ones he didn’t kill, he decided to do something 100% out of character and frame an  innocent man and a semi-innocent woman for a crime they didn’t commit.

Using his knowledge of forensics he set the scene to make it look like either Booster or Harley could have done it. He then SOMEHOW gets past the shield protecting Booster’s tech and uses it to Time Travel into the future five days. And how or why did he know to go five days into the future you might ask? Because the plot demanded it. He then brings his now dead body back to Sanctuary and sets in next to Roy Harper’s. He then breaks down and starts crying on the front steps. On the last page we see Wally saying he wants to make things right. How will he fix things? I frankly don’t care at this point it, This event has been boring as hell since day one and I’m just waiting for it to be over.

My advice is to cut your losses and not waste your money on this dreary, ugly story.

Mr. E

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