Harleen Returns the Harley Quinn to Her Basic, Elegant Foundations


Writer and artist Stjepan Sejic, of Sunstone fame, bring the Harley Quinn into the very adult setting that people want to see her placed in DC Comics Black Label title Harleen. Comic fans have often been fascinated with the sexual and romantic life of Harley Quinn who initially played a very, unhealthy and broken lover to the Clown Prince of Crime. Her later relationship with Poison Ivy seemed more definite by sexuality of the lesbian comic fans who adored the pairing as well as the male readers who enjoyed the eroticism of the forbidden coupling. 


DC is certainly courting the erotic aspects of the couple by putting Stjepan Sejic on it, given that his former smash title Sunstone relied heavily on its prominent sexual titillation for its sales. That’s not be saying that. Mr. Sejic himself relays that sentiment to the reader on page four of issue 1 of the comics. “Guys. This comics will feature Lesbian BDSM Sex.” Enjoy.


We return, not to a reinterpreted reboot of the character’s origin story. No. Instead we return back to the Clarice Starling version of Harley. The interpret mind explorer who became possessed. 


Stjepan Sejic brings Harley Quinn to life in atmospheric new DC Black Label title

Preston Poulter

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